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Looking to buy over the counter at home Herpes test product? then you should read this review of top-selling std test kit.

Can You Get Tested for Herpes at Your Home?

Do not worry if you are afraid of getting tested for herpes at your home, that’s nothing unusual. At-Home test kits were developed whilst taking care of this problem, which is why almost every kit contains an instruction manual and a pre-paid envelope to help you send the sample back to the lab.

Inside the package, you will find a small cup to collect a urine sample or materials that will ease the process of collecting a blood or a swab sample. The only obvious downside of using a test kit at your home might get on your nerves if you happen to mess up something whilst following the steps in the manual. It is not hard to guess that the absence of doctors and nurses will get you in trouble at times.

buy herpes at home test kit

Pros of At Home Herpes Test Kits:

  • Your privacy is protected
  • At-Home test kits can be purchased online at affordable prices
  • Pre-paid envelope is included in every test kit
  • They are fairly easy to use
  • Saves your precious time and money.
  • You can perform test as per your convenience, no need to visit doctor’s clinic or lab.


  • You have to do everything by yourself
  • Need to follow instruction to perform the test. However such kind of Instruction manual are quite easy.

Can You Buy At-Home Herpes Test Kits at Walmart, CVS and Walgreens?

Other than getting Herpes tested and receiving the results, keeping your information private during the entire testing process should be one of your main worries. Just by visiting any of the stores of the most popular retailers and talking to their staff, you risk spreading rumors about you having been infected. Being the main topic of discussions is fine only in case you have been bragging about a degree on a prestige university.

Best Over the Counter Herpes Test Kits

If you are seeking reliable online testing services that can provide you with FDA-Approved tests and email you about the results in 2-3 working days, STDcheck and STDTestExpress are the testing services for you:


Judging by approximately 4,500 labs in the territory of the US and 10 different test kits, (also known as FPK Services) is a clear high-end player in the game. It also takes care of the patients who want to get tested for multiple diseases by allowing them to purchase a 10-Test Panel of Herpes.

The entire testing procedure lasts less than a week and all you need to do is purchase a test kit on their website and visit the closest Testing Center. Given the number of Testing Centers, it won’t take too long until you come across one of them.

best over the counter herpes test kit

2.) STDTestExpress

STDTestExpress aims at relieving the stress you might have been feeling ever since the last time you checked whether you have been infected with herpes. It takes care of the tiniest details and, for example, will not leave any traces on your credit card statement or appear in the subject of an email. The moment you receive an email that contains the results, their doctors will be willing to discuss them and help you decide about the next step.

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Hope my over the counter Herpes test kit review help! If you are still confused to get tested for Herpes at your home then comment your queries here. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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