Same Day Chlamydia Test – Chlamydia Instant Results

Chlamydia is biggest sexually transmitted diseases in the US. With the help of STD panel and Kit you can test Chlamydia instantly on same day.

It is one of the most troubled Sexually transmitted diseases in the world. The worst part of Chlamydia is that its symptoms are very mild or absent in most of the cases. Many times it happens that women are affected by it and it affects infertility.

Chlamydia is mostly transmitted during vaginal, anal or oral sex. It can also be genital as it can be transferred to baby from infected mother. It is seen that person who is having multiple sex partners are more susceptible to this disease. Chlamydia is considered as a silent disease as it usually takes 1 to3 weeks for symptoms to appear. You can get it from toilet seat or by kissing your girl friend too.

chlamydia instant test result and kit

Why should you go for Chlamydia Testing?

Chlamydia is a dangerous disease and is very common among those who are sexually active. Finding symptoms of this disease is very tedious and it usually takes more time to figure out this disease. If the disease is diagnosed at early stages then it can be cured. If you are afraid to visit doctor then you can buy some at-home Chlamydia test kit. It will be you anonymous result that nobody can see.

Advantages of Same-Day Chlamydia Testing Centres

There are various advantages of Instant Chlamydia testing over over regular one. Some of them are:-

  1. One can find Chlamydia testing Centres at numerous places: – One can definitely find on STD centres near to their doorstep. There are more than 4,000 centres in the whole USA itself.
  2. No need of Appointment: – It is not mandatory to take an appointment. One can directly go and give the test.
  3. The test is kept fully confidential: – Unlike other tests this test is fully private and it is kept fully confidential.
  4. Faster Queuing time: – One doesn’t have to wait for this test. One just has to wait for 5 minutes for their turn.
  5. No physical examination:Same Day Chlamydia Test is quite simple and one doesn’t have to physical parts for the test.
  6. Painless test: – There is no pain cause because of this test. One doesn’t have to undress for giving this test.
  7. Option between urine sample and blood test: – One has the option of choosing between urine sample and blood.

Fast Same Day Chlamydia Testing Process

One need to follow 3 simple steps for getting tested for Chlamydia on Same Day:-

  1. One needs to select from various mentioned on There will be various options such as individual STD testing, the Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Panel or the comprehensive 10-Test Panel.
  2. One needs to visit testing centre which is most convenient to them. One needs to find it by searching it by giving their convenient place zip code. It will give various options. One needs to select one option then he/she need to go to that place. They need to give urine sample or blood for the test.
  3. Quicker Results: One can get their result in 24-28 hours after they have given the test. Test results are sent to the user at their private accounts. So, that it is kept fully confidential.

These types of test are best for those who think that they are suspected of this disease and for those who want to check whether their existing disease is cured or not. Such kind of site will also suggest you antibiotics to treat Chlamydia.


Chlamydia is one of the worst STD. One should not wait for it to grow. Even if they are 1% suspect they should go for this test.  “As prevention is better than Cure.” With the help of Same Day Chlamydia Testing, you will able to cure disease in time. You should go for such at Home testing kit to check it from your home only. You can buy Chlamydia medicine online too.

Originally posted 2016-10-26 11:28:40.