Inconclusive Chlamydia Test and Results

Don’t know what’s called as Inconclusive Chlamydia test? You can check this page to clear your doubts about Inconclusive Result and test.

Chlamydia is one of the biggest Sexually transmitted diseases. In the USA more than 60% of the population suffer from this disease. It is curable but finding symptoms of this disease is very tough. It happens during anal sex, Oral sex or other types of sex. Chlamydia is transmitted disease and can be transmitted during sex. Newborn babies also get the disease from their affected mother. You can get Chlamydia in your mouth too.

Test of Chlamydia is very simple and the user finds a testing center of Test at close proximity. Young people aged from 15-24 are very prone to this disease. You just need to give your blood or urine sample. The user can also submit swap of their saliva. Some At home test of Chlamydia gives instant result. The user can cure this disease completely by following medications advised by doctors.

What is Inconclusive Chlamydia Test and Results?

Some Chlamydia Test doesn’t give a sure shot result. We can call it false positive result. They give a probable result that user may have Chlamydia with benefit of doubt. They don’t give an accurate result. The user needs to again go for a test for instant and accurate results. Sometimes what happened sample taken for the test is not sufficient for giving the result? So instead of giving a positive or negative result, test results are shown as Inconclusive.

Sometimes it also happens that some patient is cured of Chlamydia but after some time when they go for testing they get an Inconclusive Chlamydia result. The user doesn’t need to panic if they get this result. They just need to give another result and consult doctors. Even if they are tested positive then also don’t need to worry as this disease can be cured completely.

Types of Chlamydia Test that often goes inconclusive

There are basically 3 main species of Chlamydia. They cause human infection. First Chlamydia trachomatis second Chlamydia pneumoniae and third one is Chlamydia psittacci. All of them affect at different areas. Various types of Chlamydia test are there. Some types of STD test are through urine, swab, and blood.

Urine samples:-

  • The user needs to give 20-30 ml urine sample for the test. Patient shouldn’t dilute the sample by adding a more first-catch sample.
  • One should make sure they have not urinated 1 hour before giving this test.
  • Female patients should not clean the labial area prior to giving the test.

Swab Cultures

There are various swab cultures some of them are:-

  • Endocervical swab
  • Male urethral swab
  • Vaginal swab
  • Rectal swab test
  • Pharyngeal swab

A blood test is a simple to test where the blood sample is taken. Nowadays only urine sample and Swab is taken. Usually, swab test goes for inconclusive. Sometimes sample given for test in form of swab is not applicable for detecting the virus. So sometimes time these tests are conducted again with better results. If you are wondering to have Chlamydia from toilet seat then you should go under any of these test.

What to do if you got Inconclusive Chlamydia Test?

The user should not panic if they get this result. They should again for the test. They should consult doctors and should get proper medicines. Treatment of Chlamydia is quite simple and it is fully curable. Inconclusive test result simply means the user should go for the test again. Symptoms of Chlamydia are very difficult to detect. So, if there is even 1% doubt test results are mentioned as Inconclusive so that nobody should be left uncured.


Chlamydia is biggest sexually transmitted disease. It causes lots of pain and disbelief. The user should go for the test as early as possible even if they are 1% in doubt. As prevention, is always better than cure. You can take over the counter antibiotics to treat Chlamydia disease.

Originally posted 2016-10-20 08:50:19.