At Home Gonorrhea Test – Buy Gonorrhea Testing Kit Online

Gonorrhea At home testing panel is a rapid screen test. It has specially designed kit for detecting Gonorrhea (Neisseria) antigen which is found in urine or swab.


Gonorrhea at home test gives the result very quickly and a user can get the result within 15 minutes after giving the test. It is the highly accurate test and one can rely on it completely. Whether you want instant Chlamydia result of Gonorrhea result, The home kit is the best option for that. One can easily use this kit at home. This kit is very user-friendly and one can read the instruction clearly mentioned in the kits. The best part of this test is that no doctor is required is required for conducting this test.


Common Gonorrhea Symptoms

Gonorrhea is found mostly in women. The worst of these bacteria is that it is very difficult to find out the symptoms of it.  One starts noticing symptoms after 15 days of infections. After 15 days symptoms become clear and one can easily find out that one is suffering from this Gonorrhea infection. If you test yourself in early stage then you might see inconclusive result. Males started going for frequent urination, they start feeling pain and burning during urination. They also get the frequent penile discharge. A female faces menstrual irregularities. They frequent gets vaginal discharge. This infection can be very serious if it is not treated correctly or timely.

Where to buy At Home Gonorrhea Test Kit?

One can buy Gonorrhea Testing kit from or from the various online website which sells Medical test kit.  Most of the sites offer genuine products. The price of Gonorrhea at home test kit can vary from site to site. It will be between 24$ to 28$. Gonorrhea is second most sexually transmitted disease. So, a person can easily get the Gonorrhea result at home without visiting the doctor. All the instructions of doing the test will be mentioned in the kit along with step by step. There will be video link which user can refer to know about the steps.  If the user is still confused then he/she can give a sample to the laboratory for checking.

You can buy Gonorrhea or Chlamydia medicine and treatment online. Please check our other post for same.

How to Use At-Home Gonorrhea Test Kit?

One can conduct the Gonorrhea test at home by following all the instructions mentioned in the kit. The user needs to mix the sample with the solution given in the kit to check the result. There will be clear mention of the readings and color change. One can send the sample to a laboratory for testing. The male can send a sample of urine while women need to give a sample of the swab. The user will get mail stating about the Gonorrhea at home test result. It will be highly confidential and it will be secretly sent to the user on his personal Email-Id. So, the user can trust it completely.

Same is the process for Chlamydia at home testing kit. You just need to follow the instruction carefully to get accurate result.

Why should you use Gonorrhea Home Testing Kit?

Gonorrhea is a second biggest Sexually transmitted disease in the world. IF it is not treated properly then it can cause severe pain in future. Detection this infection is a problem, so even if one is 1% sure then he/she should go for the test. Proper testing and timely medication are very necessary. IT can be treated completely if it is detected at right time. Most people try to ignore it as some of them feel shy of it but with this home kit, one can check his result by just sitting at home. The user can meet the doctor only if the Gonorrhea test result is positive. If you are suffering from Chlamydia and want to buy over the counter antibiotics then you should read my other post for same.

At Home Gonorrhea test is very simple to implement and laymen can also conduct this test.  As prevention is better than cure so one should diagnose it without delaying it to become the major issue and causing major problems in future.

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