Fake STD Test Results Generator with Name

The Free Fake STD Test Results Generator with Name: There are a lot of diseases out there and a wide variety of them are transmittable through sexual intercourse.

These diseases that are transmitted through coitus are termed “Sexually transmitted diseases” (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

There are different tests that are used for examination and diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.

free fake std test results generator

How to test for STDs?

There are three ways in which you can get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. These are:

1   Blood tests

With blood tests, you can get properly duiagnosis of stds like HiV and syphilis.

  1. Urine Samples.

Your pee can also be used to indicate the presence of some sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. Fluid samples.

In the case of active genital sores, the fluids that manifest from the sores may be diagnosed to determine the exact type of infection.

The Fake STD Results Generator for FREE

Want to give your friends a major scare? Why not use the fake STD test result Generator.

As the name implies, the fake STD test result generator is completely fake, however, it does have a very convincing platform.

The tests from this site look every bit as authentic as the actual test results by STD rapid test kit. However the site leaves a disclaimer at the bottom of the test.  A joke stops being funny if it is too convincing.

Though the test results seem authentic at first, second and third glances, they are in fact no way real. They are not even close to accurate; they are completely faked and used only for amusement and fun.

The Features of Fake Std Result Generator

  • You’ll get to scare your friends.
  • You can customize your result to be either positive or negative (positive or negative)
  • There is no prescription.
  • No need to wait for STD Incubation test period.
  • You do not need to get tested (no blood test).
  • You will get your fake test results in a matter of seconds.
  • The test is totally private; it will not be shared with anyone else.

Is fake STD Test Result Realistic And Private?

Yes. Completely!

As stated before, the tests are totally realistic enough to get any one fooled. And it is totally private as well.

They do not retain any information that might otherwise connect any particular report to you. If you so wish, you could prank as completely anonymous.

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How to Use It?

The first thing you will need to do is to set up your own unique fake lab result in either word processing or a graphics program of your choosing.

Hurry up to their site to get this done without using QraQuick test kit.

Once you are through and you have set up your lab report you can now proceed to enter your required information for the fake test.

  • Ensure you are using your correct name for the test (No nicknames or slangs)
  • Decide what you want your result to be: Positive, Negative or perhaps intermediate.
  • For positive test, enter a number above 09 above the “Result” column.
  • For an intermediate result, enter a number between 91 and 1.09 under the “Result” column.
  • If, however, you desire a negative test, enter any number below 0.91 under the result column.
  • Input your reference number under the “Reference interval” column.
  • Choose a lab number in between 01 to 99 and input it under “Lab” column like you do in TestCountry site.

And Viola! You are all set to prank your friends with your own fake std test results!

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