Anonymous vs Confidential STD Testing – The Main Difference

An Anonymous vs Confidential STD Testing is the top hot among the people of US. Please read this page carefully to find out the difference between both of them.

Sexually Transmitted diseases (more popularly called STDs) are diseases which are transmitted through the act of sexual intercourse.

confidential vs Anonymous std testing

There are many STDs in the world today. Some include- but are not limited to: HIV, Chlamydia, genital herpes, some forms of hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea etc.

Differences Between Anonymous And Confidential STD Testing

At first glance it is easy to believe that anonymous testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) is the same with confidential STD testing, however, they have more than a few differences that set them apart. Below are the in-depth comparison of Confidential vs Anonymous STD Test.

The Anonymous Std Test

Anonymous STD testing as the name implies is completely anonymous. With anonymous testing, absolutely no one other than yourself has access to your result. Also, your name will not be recorded during the process.

The anonymous STD testing is mostly used in HIV testing.

Patients who wish to go through the anonymous STD test are given a unique identifier that allows them to access their results.

The Confidential STD Test

Confidential Sexually transmitted disease testing or Confidential STD testing is quite a different process. The reason being that is; the testing center protects the privacy of its patients in accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which is more commonly referred to as HIPAA.

The results of confidential STD testing will not appear on a patient’s primary medical record and the testing center name will not appear on any bills or credit card statements.

There is total discretion and confidentiality with the communication between the patient and the testing center in which he or she chooses for the confidential STD tests.

Where to Get Anonymous STD Testing?

There are various ways to check for sexually transmitted diseases in the comfort of your house. Two ways you can do so are:

  • Using STDcheck Kit and
  • STDTestExpress

1.) STDCheck

The sexually Transmitted test Kit –as its name implies- is a device which will detect STDs in a person’s body by examining the person’s bodily fluid.

Because of the several advantages they offer, STD rapid test kits are fast becoming household items.

How To Use It?

There are several test kits available at Stdcheck. Some include Chlamydia Test kit, Syphilis Test kit, and Hepatitis Test kit.

The instructions on how to use these kits are on the pack. They are very easy to follow and in 20 minutes you are done and you will have your results.

2.) STD Test Express

The STD test express consists of over four thousand certified labs spread all around America. So if you are in the States, you will never have to worry about traveling long distance to get tested.

How Does It Works?

The STDTestExpress is very easy to understand. You have to simply search for the Lab closest to you, access your result and talk to a doctor.  You get your results in less than a week and it is a 100 percent confidential. You can also use your insurance to pay for your testing.

The has a number of tests available to you. Some include but are not limited to:

Chlamydia tests, Gonorrhea test, Trichomoniasis test and Hepatitis test.

If you still have any query about Anonymous or Confidential STD Testing then add your comment here.

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