How Long After Unprotected to Get Tested for STD

How Long After Unprotected sex to Get Tested for STD? Read this in-depth analysis and guide to clear your doubts.

time for std testing after unprotected sex

This concept might convert into a big confusion for who hasn’t heard it or read it before, but is going to be explained right here and right now.

It is called a Testing Window to the time lapses which can be marked as the correct ones to do the STD testing. These testing windows are conformed by an incubation period and are right there, in that period, the body is more suitable to show a precise result. This consists of a beginning – progress – conclusion date.

So, we can say the testing window is going to be your guide to determine when to do it and when should not; works as an essential tool for your sexual treatment.

The Right Time to Test for STDs after Unprotected Sex

Once you had unprotected sex and suspect about the actual state of your health, the correct thing to do is to protect yourself from knowledge. The “right time” it is an uncertain moment and that question cannot be answered in only one way but with many: It depends on the individual who wants to take the test and which STD is trying to avoid/ detect.

Although they right time is something a bit complicated to calculate, there’s actually an estimated time for each of the most known sexually diseases:

–    Chlamydia – 24 hours – 2 weeks [How Long Can you have Chlamydia without Knowing]

–    Gonorrhea – 2 days – 1 week

–    Herpes: 2 weeks – 3 months

–    Hepatitis B: 3 weeks – 2 months

–    Hepatitis C: 6 months to get tested

–    Syphilis:  3 – 6 weeks

–    HIV(early detection): 9 – 11 days. Antibody testing: 3 – 6 weeks

Best Ways to Get STD Tested at Home

The “when to do std testing after unprotected sex” is clear now, but now we have to discuss the best “ways to do It”.

The current world where we live is abundant with progress and sadly, on diseases. Every existing field, including the medical one has being approaching more and more to this progress and the things that were hard or even impossible before, in the present they became the purest reality.

Let me tell you that online testing is not something of the future but of the NOW: Not more expensive and long-lasting exams or treatments that could only impact negatively on your body.

Today, we pick two of the best options to test any risky STD at home, for you to avoid the shame or discomfort and start to prevent the follow up of many diseases that affect worldwide. Please take into account that any product that is not FDA approved should not be trusted. This annotation does not apply as a marketing tool but as security verification. [Find Medichecks review here]

They work as guides for the customer to follow, placing him/her in the nearest clinic or lab for a couple of questions to be done. After the short answers are written, recommendations are going to follow.

The Q&A exam is an effective way for the doctors to get the information they usually don’t receive at realizing this kind of test. So let’s say STDTestExpress team makes sure that you rely on professionals hands.

Despite its verified accuracy and quick testing delivery, STDTestExpress doesn’t provide the prices of the different test until the nearest lab has been selected, sometimes presenting disconcert between some customers with low resources.

Similar to the previous one, STDCheck is a platform that works as a right hand with the biggest international health entities. Their primary objective is to reach the higher amount of public to raise maximum STD awareness and treat them correctly to prevent future problems.

If you aren’t able to get directly to the doctor’s office, STDCheck will help you sending you the custom test package you need – an easy, fast and cheap option to treat almost every STD. It is the best online destination to buy an over the counter at home Herpes test kit.

Hope you got answer of How Long After Unprotected to Get Tested for STD question. In case of any query, please your comment here. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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When Do Symptoms of STD Start Appear?

How Long Does It Take for an std to show up? and When Do Symptoms of STD Start Appear? are the most common question after having unprotected sex.

An STD or a “Sexually Transmitted Disease” represents a big threat for your own sake even when their symptoms aren’t usually visible but possible of being diagnosticated. Are you sure it’s an STD and not an STI? Both sound very familiar but actually, they are not the same thing.

When Do Symptoms of STD Start Appear?

An infection or in this case, an STI is used to also denominate this term, a sexually transmitted disease but is more like the previous step to develop into something more aggressive, meaning that it can be suppressed if is treated at time.

With both terms cleared, we can now establish correctly a list of the most common STDs and possible symptoms.

Types of STDs and Symptoms

when do std symptoms start showing?

  • Chancroid and Chlamydia: We start with the Chancroid, a Bacterial Infection that can only be spread by sexual intercourse and as any other infection, can be treated with antibiotics. Women frequently do not present symptoms but men possible do so. Maybe the worst that could happen is to let the surrounding tissue to die and infest the rest of skin for a far worst damage. You can have chlamydia without knowing it, so it is better to test at home to clear your doubts.
  • Gonorrhea: In this case, symptoms aren’t necessary, just be aware of any apparition in a 10 days period. In the few possible cases, males will feel inflated testicles and females suffer from vaginal bleeding. This is one of the most common STDs overall and the good news is that, is totally treatable.
  • Herpes: Probably have you heard of Herpes before, right? Well, this is also one of the most common types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and sadly, there’s any cure for it. Maybe the biggest sign of Herpes result on various sores over the genital and anal area, which is known for being weaker every time they appear, meaning that the first signs might be the worst.

How to Test for STD at Home?

Although this option may seem like the optimal one, is not often as perfect as it looks like. First of all, you need to know that there is a lot of STD testing products that don’t actually work how they seem to appear.

It’s understandable that some persons prefer to do all kind of test in their own home privacy instead of visiting any medical building but not everyone presents the conditions to take this trip to the needed place; the lack of money and time are the main reasons why people consider this alternative.

For those who desire to take care of themselves in their own houses comfort, I recommend to check out the kits, essential for the control of your sexual life and health.

Why do I recommend it? offers one of the easiest to use, cheapest to buy and effective of all testing systems. Receive an almost immediate result of over 10 different types of possible sexually transmitted disease with discretion – No exposure between the company and any other entity as your insurance.

You are able to test one of the following infections individually:

But the 10 Test Panel package takes another step and for only $198.00 you can test all of them at the same time.

Bottom Line

When we talk about a sexually transmitted disease is sure that we refer to a serious issue and you should consider the support of a professional for your own wellness.

Maybe the number one symptom of an STD in both men and women is pain and burn experience at peeing. This symptom manifest in almost every existing sexually transmitted infection or disease and without a doubt, disturb the daily life of every patient.

Hope you got clear idea when do symptoms of std start? As said earlier, different STD has different time frame. If you still have any query then add your comment here.

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Can Garlic Cure Chlamydia – OTC Garlic Pills and Powder

Can Garlic Cure Chlamydia and STD? Please read my in-depth analysis to find the answer of your query.

Is a tricky sexually transmitted disease because Chlamydia doesn’t affect everyone the same and people aren’t even aware they have it and don’t understand the danger. According to professional studies, the 40% of all cases are covered by young’s between the 15-25 years old.

The speed of propagation of all the sexually transmitted diseases is too high these days, traveling across the globe. Meaning that an approximated of 100 million people present Chlamydia annually.

If you are going through this, let me tell you one thing, it is possible to treat your situation with the help of natural medicines taken from your home, saving the economic or public discomfort. If you aren’t the affected, help who’s actually is sharing this information with him/her.

Can We Cure Chlamydia Using Garlic?

  • Garlic: The title says it all, right? Garlic has been used for centuries as a natural antibiotic and is one of the all-time favorite elements to prevent diseases. Consuming the allium not only will help you to fight the infection but also improve your defenses a lot.

It is hard to provide you the exact quantity you need but with only 2 or 3 mashed cloves every day, you will do just fine. Of course, if you are thinking of implementing garlic into your diet, be careful of its potential –is so strong that can actually harm your stomach. Make sure to check review of FPK services for private std testing.

Head up to Amazon to buy over the counter garlic products including pills, capsules, juice and powder. You can it along with prescribed medicine for quick relief.

does garlic cure chlamydia

Best Natural Home Remedies for Chlamydia

  • Echinacea: This plant needs to be implemented to all Chlamydia natural treatments. Why is that? His general leukocytes production turns out to be really great at fighting such pathology.

Pour 1 spoon of Echinacea extract into a cup of boiled water, cover it with an object and let it rest for 10 minutes. Strain and drink every day for seven days while keeping track of the process. [Find Anonymous Std test near me]

  • Olive Leaf Extract: Doesn’t matter how it is used, the results are always going to be the same. Is not needed to be drunk, thanks to the Oleuropein ingredient, topical use over the infected area is totally possible.

Is a rich extract and is very effective against bacteria, killing it if present and protects the body for any possible reinfection.

  • Cat’s Claw: Pin the Cat’s Claw as an infallible option to beat, not only Chlamydia but many other sexually transmitted diseases. Probably you have heard at least once about this natural source of – almost – miracles, helping to rise up body defenses, effective healer for wounds and preventer of a lot of infections.

To treat Chlamydia, the recommended dose is 500 mg capsules three or four times a day, depending on how bad it is the situation. Don’t try to drink more than needed because it will cause side effects. [STD Testing On Period]

  • Sage: This plan has been considered a master recipe for the battle of Chlamydia, is easy to get and easy to prepare to consume. Just grind leafs and put them in water as you would do with any other hot tea.

If done correctly, with only 2 or 3 cups daily, the positive effects will be seen after only a week.

  • Neem: At the bottom of the list, the neem is presented as one of the best home remedies for chlamydia. Its bare consume by chewing them in the mornings works as an antibiotic, same thing with the juice which is extracted from leafs.

Neem juice is very easy to prepare, you only need approximately 50 fronds in boiling water, let it repose and then drink two or three times every day. The effectiveness of the elements in the juice will be reviewed at least in weak.

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Bottom Line

The planet provides us with natural abundance, herbs being a big part of this protection so, don’t doubt to use both the mentioned home remedies and many others – Aloe Vera, goldenseal, turmeric, yogurt, etc.

So, can Garlic cure Chlamydia? Yes. Whoever you ask, will say to you to take help from a doctor and that would be the best, their professional advice will improve the treatment and therefore, improve your general health.

You can also take over the counter garlic pills/powder/capsules to cure Chlamydia and other STD diseases.

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How Long Can you have Chlamydia without Knowing

How Long Can you have Chlamydia without Knowing about it? Read this in-depth analysis to find the answer of your queries.

Sexually Transmitted diseases (more popularly called STDs) are diseases which are transmitted through the act of sexual intercourse.

What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is one of the most common (and one of the most deadly) sexually transmitted diseases out there.

Like other STDs it is transmitted via Coitus (sex). The infection is transferred from host to victim through semen, pre-cum and vaginal fluids. Chlamydia is more deadly because of the unique way in which it operates.

Unlike most other STDs, chlamydia may not manifest symptoms at all.

Chlamydia Symptoms in Men and Women

How Long Can you have Chlamydia without Knowing

Symptoms of Chlamydia may not manifest, however on the scenario that it does manifest, it can take several weeks before any sign or symptom appears

The symptoms of Chlamydia  include:

  • Pain or burning while peeing
  • Pain during sex
  • Lower belly pain
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge (may be yellowish and have a strong smell)
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Pus or a watery/milky discharge from the penis
  • Swollen or tender testicles
  • Pain, discharge and/or bleeding around the anus

How long can you have Chlamydia without knowing?

From the point of infection, Chlamydia symptoms may start to manifest between one to three weeks.

However, this disease is very deadly in the sense that it does not always manifest symptoms, meaning you can be infected with Chlamydia and you won’t exhibit the slightest sign for months or even years!

According to Research, the rate at which symptoms manifest varies between sexes. That means you could have Chlamydia without even knowing it.

For males, about 50-70 percent will show signs of infection while in females it toggles within the range of 30- 50 percent.

The fact that symptoms may not show even when a person is infected makes Chlamydia a very deadly disease indeed.

It is best to get tested to confirm if you are infected or not.

Chlamydia Test Kit

You do not need to go to the hospital to get tested for Chlamydia. You can do that at the comfort of your house with a Chlamydia test kit by STDCheck and other trusted brands. They provide 100% safe and private testing, so no need to find anonymous std test near you.

How Does The Chlamydia Test Kit Work?

The test kit provides you with the equipment needed to get your sample along with instructions.

Once your sample had been collected (as per the instructions) pack it back in the box provided and have it returned back to the specialist lab for testing.

Ensure the top part of the form is kept safely. You will need it if you want to track your sample online.

Your sample will then be analyzed and tested for any trace of Chlamydia at an ISO accredited lab.

Rest assured, the results are pin point accurate. If the smallest possible trace of Chlamydia resides in your body, it will be detected.

As soon as your sample has completed the Chlamydia testing process you will be notified via text message or email.

If you get a positive result, then your local NHS Chlamydia screening office will be in touch with you to arrange confidential, safe and free treatment.

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Men and women can have chlamydia without knowing it. Hence I suggest to use at home chlamydia test kit after every unprotected sex. It is also recommended to use private test kit if we are suffer from common chlamydia symptoms.

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Medichecks Reviews – Is Secure and Reliable?

Wondering if Medichecks secure and reliable or scam site? Find in-depth reviews before you buy from

The advent of Technology has brought about remarkable changes. Now you don’t have to go through the stressful ordeal of going to hospitals for your tests. You can simply conduct that from the comfort of your own.

Medichecks Review – How Does It Work?

Medichecks helps to ease the stress of having to go to the hospital to queue and fill medical forms at hospitals.

With the site, you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home to get tested!

Find Review

Let’s start review by learning the procedure of Medicheck, In fact it is quite easy and precise.

Step 1: Order Online

The first step is to make your order online. You can choose from over 1200 blood tests available.

Step 2: Collect Sample

Once you have completed your order and made your payments you will receive a kit in the post. The kit comes with instructions, as well as the equipments that are needed for you to get your blood sample.

You are provided with vials, finger pricks (to draw blood) and hygienic swabs.

Once you have collected your blood sample in the vials provided, you are to seal them up and resend them to the lab to await your test results.

Step 3: Get Your Results

You are sure to receive an email in a couple of days which contains your results

Types Of Test Offered by Medichecks

Medichecks offers a plethora of tests in which you can choose from. Here is a list of just a few of the tests available to you.

  • Thyroid check
  • Blood tests
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Haemoglobin
  • HCT
  • RBC
  • MCV
  • MCH
  • MCHC
  • RDW

Kidney Function

  • Sodium
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • Proteins

Total Protein

  • Albumin
  • Globulin
  • Iron Status


  • I.B.C
  • arrow_drop_down
  • Transferrin

medichecks reliable or scam site?

Pros of Medicheck

  • Complete convenience:

The site has made the process of getting tested far more easier than the past when you had to await long queues before you can get tested. You simply need to make your orders at the comfort of your home and patiently wait while your results are sent to your dashboard.

  • Quick Results:

No more long waits. With Medichecks you do not have to wait two weeks for a GP appointment. With Medicheck you have convenience and speed.

It will only take a matter of days for you to receive your results!

  • Confidentiality

You have a hundred percent privacy with your test. And your results are sent to you in complete discretion.

Is Reliable?

It is quite understandable to doubt the authenticity of such things. However Medichecks is a hundred percent reliable and if you still have a flicker of doubt here are just a few of the many testimonials from real people that are satisfied with the services Medichecks offers


Fantastic service from Your efficient turnaround of results means less stress from someone who is already stressed by their symptoms. By using your Thyroid test which tested for thyroid antibodies my GP has now listened and ordered a thyroid scan. To anyone out there worrying please use this service it is amazing. Thank you so much.

Mrs Cope, West Midlands.

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Hope my Medichecks review help you conclude that It is not a scam but rather legit and reliable platform. If you still have any doubts or want to share your own experience then you are most welcome!

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At Home Herpes Test Kit – Buy Over the Counter Testing Panel

Looking to buy over the counter at home Herpes test product? then you should read this review of top-selling std test kit.

Can You Get Tested for Herpes at Your Home?

Do not worry if you are afraid of getting tested for herpes at your home, that’s nothing unusual. At-Home test kits were developed whilst taking care of this problem, which is why almost every kit contains an instruction manual and a pre-paid envelope to help you send the sample back to the lab.

Inside the package, you will find a small cup to collect a urine sample or materials that will ease the process of collecting a blood or a swab sample. The only obvious downside of using a test kit at your home might get on your nerves if you happen to mess up something whilst following the steps in the manual. It is not hard to guess that the absence of doctors and nurses will get you in trouble at times.

buy herpes at home test kit

Pros of At Home Herpes Test Kits:

  • Your privacy is protected
  • At-Home test kits can be purchased online at affordable prices
  • Pre-paid envelope is included in every test kit
  • They are fairly easy to use
  • Saves your precious time and money.
  • You can perform test as per your convenience, no need to visit doctor’s clinic or lab.


  • You have to do everything by yourself
  • Need to follow instruction to perform the test. However such kind of Instruction manual are quite easy.

Can You Buy At-Home Herpes Test Kits at Walmart, CVS and Walgreens?

Other than getting Herpes tested and receiving the results, keeping your information private during the entire testing process should be one of your main worries. Just by visiting any of the stores of the most popular retailers and talking to their staff, you risk spreading rumors about you having been infected. Being the main topic of discussions is fine only in case you have been bragging about a degree on a prestige university.

Best Over the Counter Herpes Test Kits

If you are seeking reliable online testing services that can provide you with FDA-Approved tests and email you about the results in 2-3 working days, STDcheck and STDTestExpress are the testing services for you:


Judging by approximately 4,500 labs in the territory of the US and 10 different test kits, (also known as FPK Services) is a clear high-end player in the game. It also takes care of the patients who want to get tested for multiple diseases by allowing them to purchase a 10-Test Panel of Herpes.

The entire testing procedure lasts less than a week and all you need to do is purchase a test kit on their website and visit the closest Testing Center. Given the number of Testing Centers, it won’t take too long until you come across one of them.

best over the counter herpes test kit

2.) STDTestExpress

STDTestExpress aims at relieving the stress you might have been feeling ever since the last time you checked whether you have been infected with herpes. It takes care of the tiniest details and, for example, will not leave any traces on your credit card statement or appear in the subject of an email. The moment you receive an email that contains the results, their doctors will be willing to discuss them and help you decide about the next step.

Also Check: Anonymous STD Testing Near Me – Best Private Std Test

Hope my over the counter Herpes test kit review help! If you are still confused to get tested for Herpes at your home then comment your queries here. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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Can You Get Tested for STD While on your Period

Can you get tested for STDs while you have your period? It is the most common and confusing question among the women. Please read this page to find answer of all such queries.

How Are STD Tests Performed?

Std Testing While on Period

Being authentic as we all are, not even a couple of visits to our doctors will have a lot in common. Some of us may have mild headaches and back problems, whereas others might feel exhausted all the time. The same applies to STD testing and the circumstances in which you will be ‘interrogated’ about your sexual partners and history of diseases.

Depending on the answers you give to your doctor, you will be required to provide either of these samples:

  • A Blood Sample
  • A Urine Sample
  • A Swab Sample (from the inside of your mouth, genitals, etc.)

That being said, STD testing is quite straightforward and you will quickly go through the entire testing process.

Can You Get Tested for an STD While You’re on Your Period?

Every day of your life that you spend not knowing that you have been infected with an STD can affect and worsen your health and put you into an undesirable situation. Unfortunately, some things are beyond our control and periods seem to be one of them.

Menstruation should in no way affect the outcome of any STD tests. So you can visit the closest testing center whenever you feel like checking whether there’s something that represents a threat for your health. However, that doesn’t mean that it is strongly recommended to rush to get tested whilst on your period, since you might feel additional fatigue and dizziness. If you are convinced that you can easily cope with these symptoms and are focused on getting positive/negative results in just a few days, wait no more and get tested.

Who Should Get Tested for STDs?

You won’t find a person who will give you a clear answer to the question about the need to get tested for STDs. Everyone who takes care of their health and is in some way aware of the hazardousness and seriousness of some of the most common STIs should get tested in no time. Genital herpes and vaginal bumps are the sign of STD.

Why Is the Best Option for You?

The simplest statistic would say that, out of 4 women, 1 is on her period. This information alone is not enough to claim whether all women are currently working on collecting enough information about the best doctors in their countries. However there are certainly some who are having a hard time deciding if they should get tested at all.

To open your eyes and help you go in the right direction, be sure to check out It has been the main choice for STD testing for several years now. It has managed to maintain a perfect reputation as a confidential online testing service; commonly known as FPK services. has more than 4,500 Testing Centers nationwide and provides FDA-Approved tests for 10 different sexually transmitted diseases: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Oral Herpes, Genital Herpes, HIV 1&2 and Syphilis. It also gives you the possibility to opt for the HIV RNA Early Detection Test and 10-Test Panel.

Hope my tips and observation help you to decided whether to go for Std Test when you are on period or not! I would be good if you can share your experience and person views here.

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Anonymous STD Testing Near Me – Best Private Std Test

Looking for reliable and private std testing near you? Read this page to get full guide for undergoing all std tests Anonymously.

Why Do Private STD Testing Is a Good Option?

Visiting your doctor is not the best thing to do, even if you are really sick and need to seek medical help as soon as possible. Even though doctors are very likely to be very nice and unsurprisingly kind whenever you visit them, having a conversation whilst looking them directly in the eyes and explaining how you have come into a situation to be worried about whether you have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease can be a bit difficult and embarrassing.

best private std testing near me

Instead of getting in touch with many doctors and nurses throughout the entire testing process, you can opt for anonymous STD testing to keep all your personal information safe. If you do not know anything about anonymous STD testing, you will be quite surprised with how quickly you will get the results once you find out a bit more and you will ask yourself why you have never considered it as an option.

Best Anonymous STD Testing Near You and are online STD testing services that guarantee 100% satisfaction and have provided their services to more than a hundred thousand of patients ever since they began fighting against the ever-present sexually transmitted diseases. There are approximately 8,500 labs (STDTestExpress boasts around 4,000 well-equipped labs, whereas STDcheck has 500 more) in the territory of the United States alone, which noticeably increases your chances of finding one nearby.

The STDcheck and STDTestExpress are committed to protecting your personal information as the most important factor throughout the entire testing process. Both of them use a 128-bit encryption and the HL-7 interface to securely store and transmit any health data and allow for easier processing of your orders. Another security measure includes the compliance with the HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which protects your information from abuse and health care fraud.

Once you place an order on the website, you get a unique ID code that helps you visit a lab and get tested for an STD without having to share your personal information or fill out any paperwork – something you’ve probably always hated doing during a regular visit to your doctor.

confidential vs Anonymous std testing

How Does Confidential STD Test Notification Tool Work?

If you happen to have recently tested positive for an STD, you can send an anonymous message to your sexual partners telling them that they should also get tested with the Anonymous STD Test Notification Tool. has created this amazing tool to help you protect other people from being infected with STDs and act as a moral and responsible person. The text message your ex partners will get is as following:

“A sexual partner has recommended you get tested for STDs. Please visit and get tested as soon as possible.”

STD Test Notification Tool works very simply by entering your partners’ e-mails or phone numbers and clicking ‘Send’. It is a great way to prevent further expansion of the disease and may even save someone’s life if used on time.

This is how you can undergo Anonymous STD Testing without showing your actual identity. It is reliable and 100% safe method.

Originally posted 2017-09-21 05:46:18.

FPK Services Reviews and Private STD Testing Results

Read my FPK Services review before you think to buy anything from them.

FPK Services LLC is the company that owns the online private STD testing service, which specializes in lab testing for sexual health. It is based out of Houston, Texas, and has a B+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating. stands as one of the most renowned online testing services and boasts an impressive number of over 2 million performed tests. Thinking about it for a second, if only every tenth person out of this whopping number benefited from getting tested and found out about the infection he/she had on time to prevent its further progression, that accounts for 200,000 saved lives!

Is Legit and Secure?

FPK Services std testing review

The FPK Services LLC (also known as offers confidential 5-minute testing in one of their 4,500 labs across the country and provides you with 99.9% accurate results in 1-2 working days. All their tests are FDA-Approved and you get to choose between several different test kits: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes 1 & 2, HIV type 1 and HIV type 2. For those who want to get tested for more than one disease, there are also two unique 10-Test Panels,out of which one also includes the HIV Early Detection Test.

Given the importance of STD testing and how the results can change your life, it is good to know what you’re dealing with before you even enter the lab. If you decide to take advantage of the STDcheck services, you should know that you will be in good hands thanks to the discreet and confidential testing with the help of professional staff. In other words, STDcheck (FPK Services) is a highly trustable testing service.

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How much STDcheck cares about their patients is clearly visible through their unique customer support and the doctor consultation they are offering. Namely, if you test positive for STD/STDs, you will have a chance to speak with one of their doctors and seek advice, as well as ask any questions you have. This can be of huge importance if you can’t really handle the pressure after finding out that you have been infected.

Does FPK Services LLC Provide Discreet Shipping?

Of course, yes! They never add words like std or disease or test kit on your parcel. So it is just like regular delivery box with “FPK Services” on the label. Moreover, result is 100% private and never share your data online.

Once you have chosen your preferable package and proceeded to checkout, you will be required to enter your zip code, which serves to find the nearest Testing Center, and enter your personal information (first and second name, gender, date of birth and e-mail). The final step will be entering your credit card details and confirming your order. A handful of credit cards are supported, which is why you will be able to pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, as well as HSA and FSA credit cards.

After the order is completed, you will be given an identification code that allows you to visit an STD center by your choice and get tested whilst not sharing your personal information. The results will be ready within 2 working days and you will receive an e-mail containing all the necessary steps you should follow in case you have been infected with an STD.

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